United Way Delivers Again!

NEXT Steps sends a big thank you to United Way again for making an even greater impact to the urban garden and farm community of Metro Atlanta.  Two weeks ago, we received a huge donation to support our efforts in developing Atwood Community Gardens.  In return, we asked United Way if we could provide the same help to other gardeners within our network.  The response was overwhelming.

Ann Daane asked if Atwood could serve as a drop off point for all of their future donations to the garden and farm community.  Of course we said yes!  So we sent our “wish list” requesting supplies to help  improve the sanitation and food safety systems at our farms and farmers markets. On Tuesday, June 5, 2012, United Way’s special donation was received by nine local growing organizations:
– Patchworks City Farmers
– Mother Clyde Memorial Community Garden
– Oakleaf Mennonite Farm
– Atwood Community Gardens
– HABESHA Community Gardens
– West End Hens
– Haylene Green “The Garden Queen”
– The Youth of Westview Community Garden
– SWOOM Atlanta Market Project

Once the truck and farmers arrived, they were greeted and assisted  by our youth and college interns from our Herb & Farm Summer Training Program (kids that live in the Westview Community and Clark University).  The donation consisted of storage bins with lids, foaming hand soap, trash bins (kitchen, indoor, outdoor, recycle – various sizes), contractor trash bags, water coolers, vinyl, rubber and work gloves, weather readers, large garden pots (decorative), reusable mesh bags, chairs (with umbrellas and sports/tailgate loungers), beautiful market baskets, indoor and outdoor rugs and rakes.

Thanks again to the United Way of Metro Atlanta!


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