Michael Pollan’s Tweet about The Cooking Gene

I simply find this project to be as fascinating as Michael’s stories about his geneology. I had the pleasure of talking with him two weeks ago and enjoyed listening to the high-spirited passion that leaped through the phone. Like Michael, my goal is to celebrate the key role food plays during rituals that depict the symbolic meanings of triumph, perseverance, courage, community, diversity and love. The Cooking Gene project helps to educate me in understanding how food universally and magically transforms differences into unifying bonds amongst strangers. Please take a moment to read about Michael’s most recent successes then contribute (a little or a lot) to The Cooking Gene Project: Southern Discomfort Culinary Tour. Your support goes further to help NEXT Steps launch our first Youth Culinary Tour this summer.


In the past few weeks since author Nancie McDermott gave her outrageously wonderful donaton to The Cooking Gene, and since my friend Sandor Katz started talking it up, there have been a lot of good connections flowing around The Cooking Gene.  And yes as always–here is the link:  http://www.indiegogo.com/The-Cooking-Gene-Project-The-Southern-Discomfort-Tour

To those who are seeing this site for the first time, The Cooking Gene is my project going to the Deep South to find my ancestors and the places they lived while telling the story of slavery through food and telling the story of the African American contribution to American and Southern food through my family history.  We will be working with projects that enhance contemporary practices in regards to food, food history and awareness and food justice.  It is my belief that history is important to learn about and a joy to explore–but only once its put to work for…

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