Who knew I was having the same dream as Michael W. Twitty . . . an African American Passover!!!


I am Reform in my politics, Conservative in my observance, Orthodox by conversion, but I am straight up, “Hasid,” on Passover.  (In the sense of piousness of course 🙂

There is no Jewish holiday I love more than Passover.  For the new readers, I am Jewish and no holiday to me is more important.  I may love dancing on Simchas/t/th Torah when we celebrate the Torah scrolls and I may love the cheefulness of Sukkos/t/th but nothing pulls more at my heart than the songs and traditions and recipes and rituals of the world’s oldest Emancipation ritual.  There is also no other holiday where I feel more whole as an African American who happens to be Jewish thanks to the shared history of slavery leading to redemption and freedom.  Right now Maryland’s central corridor is abloom with tulips, flowering plum and cherry, dogwood, dandelions, forsythia, apple, peach and that darling…

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