Saturday Training Classes & Summer Internship Programs at Atwood Community Gardens

The Herb & Farm Urban Gardening Program uses the transferable skills in urban agriculture to introduce students to career pathways in science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) so they can successfully compete in trending global markets. NOW ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS!

Training Sessions (ages 10-17): Download Flyer
Monthly (Jan-May; Sep-Dec)
Every 1st & 2nd Saturday, 10:30a-12N
Fee: $10 per class

Summer Camp*
May 25 – Aug 3 Mon-Fri, 9:00a-6:30p
Fee: $45/week
*7am Early Arrivals @ Harland Boys & Girls Club, 434 Peeples St, Atlanta, GA 30310.  One time additional fee of $35.

S.T.E.M.-Based Activities  Include:

  • Training sessions in fishing, hiking, rock climbing, geo-caching, exploring the Chattahoochee & Bush Mountains, soil conservation.
  • Applications in Industrial Design, Design/Build, Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Landscaping (terrace & raised gardens beds, water recapturing and drainage systems, aquaponics & hydroponics)
  • Service learning through special event management and coordination of community service  and volunteer activities at local urban garden sites and Sadie G. Mays Rehabilitation Center (arts & crafts, cooking demonstrations, community clean-ups, etc.)
  • Business development training in operations management of Atwood Community Gardens , Atwood Farms and our new Farmer’s Market.

The specific development projects will take place at Atwood Community Gardens to introduce youth to the following S.T.E.M. career pathways and social entrepreneur ventures:

  • A water recapturing system to divert contaminated street water (run-off) away from our main farming area
  • Installation of two terrace garden beds to act as a natural filtration system from run-off water, to prevent soil erosion and to help beautify our sloping landscapes
  • Installation of vertical compost bins to quicken the composting cycle to return rich, nutrient-filled growing soil back to the land
  • Design and plant edible landscapes and beautiful horticultural schemes to re-introduce native plants to a balanced habitat

Classes are limited so register as early as possible.  NOTE: Still seeking donation of a passenger van to assist with student pick-ups.  For more information, contact NEXT Steps at 678.570.0398.  Email or visit our website at


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