NEXT Steps YEP is Awarded $1,000 Micro-Grant from Park Pride

In May 2000, NEXT Steps adopted the Atwood-White Street Triangle Park through Park Pride’s Adopt-A-Park Program. The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program adopted Atwood-White Street Park for three reasons. First, because it had Atwood in its name (i.e., Atwood Community Gardens). Secondly, because it’s right across the street from Space Atlanta — the lot where we hosted our farmer’s market this summer. Third, because it connects us to the Atlanta Beltine in the West End!

In partnership with The Friends of Atwood Community Gardens, we would like to redevelop Atwood Street Triangle.  The redevelopment would serve as a community service initiative and educational training activity to 1) teach youth that their work today is a significant contribution in preserving the beauty of the West End community and 2) help them understand the impact clean, livable spaces has on improving their quality of life and increasing the socio-economic value of their neighborhood.

Several benefits will be gained from this effort. Those who run/walk along the Atlanta Beltline will now have a pleasant rest stop to use plus, the park can serve as an extended outdoor classroom of Atwood Community Gardens. We’d like to add 2-3 benches near the “wall” of the triangle, some flowers and fruit trees on each corner of the park. We’d also like to purchase a new sign for the park, re-seed the missing patches of grass and add a flower bed underneath the sign.

Our goal is to keep the space open and inviting. Below is a picture of what the park looks like now and a sketch of what it will look like in the near future.

In January 2012, students participating in the Outdoor Nation Campus Club will help with the renovation of the park as a fulfillment of their service learning outdoor activity.


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