Coca-Cola Comes Through

On Wednesday, May 26th, volunteers from the Outlet Presentation Excellence Group of the Coca-Cola Company came and showed the farm some love.  Thanks to Jacqueline Hines for coordinating such a fun and caring group of people.  They worked all over the farm in what ended up being a lovely, sunny day.  One group hoed the tomato patch while another group raked and leveled what will soon become our cucumber, squash, strawberry and herb patches.  (We even started our composting stack near one of the giant oak trees on the property.)  Our third group of volunteers probably had the most exciting day.  As they were clearing some of the brush and pruning the trees and bushes along Church Street, a baby bird fell out of its nest.  No worries! A rescue team was quickly assembled (complete with gloves and a McGuyvered temporary housing shelter) to get Operation Baby Bird back home to Momma. Awww!

After a tasty meal from Panera Bread delivery, we waved goodbye to our new friends from Coca-Cola OPE!

Thanks guys!!!  (P.S. I really love my T-Shirt.  Next time, I’ll have to get you guys to sign it.)


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