OMG! I Can’t Believe What I Just Found!!!

May19, 2010.  Ok, here’s the skinny!  I’m meeting Don Shomaker at the farm to do some follow-up measurements to complete the stair railing. (I’m still a fan!) 

For those of you who have been by the home or contacted me, know that I am deeply in love with the idea of learning more about the home and telling its story.  My goal is to start a historic preservation program, form a committee, and get to the bottom of who the occupants were in this old home. 

While Don was working, my two kids began playing with the ceramic tiles from the remains of one of the fireplaces.  Don reminded me that the tile pieces, even though some of them are old and broken, could be glued back together and eventually used to restore the fireplace.   So we gathered up all the tiles and began placing them back near the fireplace when I noticed the back of the tiles had an inscription on them. “Hamilton O” 

My first clue!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll post pictures of the other fireplace tiles a little later.


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