Ok . . . So It’s Worse Than I Originally Throught

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April 20, 2010.  When I went inside the home for the first time, I was utterly amazed. So, it’s a little worse than I originally thought but its still a grand presentation.  There’s quite a bit of water damage from a leaky roof that had its way with the first great room to the right of the foyer, but . . . .Holy smokes.  They cleared the place out!!!

As I am looking around, I notice that the bannister to the stairs, three and a half sets of pocket doors, five fireplaces and every chandelier . . . gone! After doing a little digging, turns out, fixtures made from Georgia pine and white oak from the late 1880’s could value up to $5,000-6,000 each.  On one hand, I guess I could understand.  On the other, I guess I should just keep it to myself.  I just find it a little odd that the removal of these items were done with such care that nothing else in their immediate areas were damaged or destroyed.  Definitely the work of a professional.

The bright side, however, is that they took really great care in removing what I’m sure were beautiful shows of craftsmanship.  Hmmm. . . a considerate thief.  Go figure!

I would have really liked to have seen the missing fixtures and awe in all of their wonderfulness. However, the good news is we don’t have to fork over any additional monies to repair any unnecesary damages.  A silver lining in what has now become a murky, missing white oak mystery.

Hey! If you know anything about Victorian architecture, fill me in.  I’m thinking I need to start a Historian Preservation Committee or something to get to the bottom of this!  Besides, I’m completely intrigued with trying to figure out what the home looked like back in the day.  Feel free to get the Historic Preservation Club going.  Consider my interests picqued!


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