Urban Agriculture Lands In College Park

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So, after what seems to have been a long, long journey, the owners finally closed on the property located at 3271 Main Street, College  Park, GA (March 23, 2010).  Talk about stoked!   

 The owners wish to preserve the beauty of the 100 year old Victorian home (blt 1880) located on the property along with the original caretakers house, barn and what looks to be a well structure on the grouds.  They also intend to convert the property back to its original state as a farm and use it as a teaching model and tourist attraction for urban agriculture and green sustainability practices. 

As you can see, a whole lot of work needs to be done to get this project up and going so, we’re starting this blog to keep you up to speed with our progress.  So if you’re into historic preservation projects from the Victorian era, gardening, farming and anything related to science, technology, engineering and math….boy are you in the right place!

My hope is that, somewhere along the way, you’ll be inspired to join us.  Your support through community service in the spirit of good old fashion volunteerism is not only needed, but would mean a great deal to those who are interested in leaving their mark on what will soon become another historic moment in College Park.

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